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welcome to the website for higher education regulatory (her) consulting.

HER Consulting was formally organized in April 2014 after I spent thirteen years employed by three different institutions doing state authorization work. It was clear that hundreds of institutions across the country were realizing the need to move forward with state authorization compliance, but they didn’t know where to begin and didn’t have the resources to hire a full-time employee to take on the responsibilities.

you will notice the theme of her consulting is open doors.

There is a great personal story behind that, but it also applies to my clients. When institutions are in compliance with state authorization regulations, more doors of opportunity are opened for students who wish to take courses online, doors are opened for institutions to enroll students from states other than where the institution is physically located, and students are afforded more options as to where they can do an internship or other type of field experience. Of course, once a student has graduated with a degree there are many more open doors for earning potential and career advancement.

what makes me different than many other consultants?

I have done the work of state authorization. I didn’t just hear about it and see an opportunity for a business; I have been in the trenches reading complicated regulations, leading teams of contributors needed for applications for authorization and site visits, successfully completed an uncounted number of applications, represented institutions at higher education commission meetings, and have presented at numerous national conferences. I have built and fostered excellent relationships with state regulators across the country; I have a reputation of excellence, attention to detail, willingness to share knowledge, and am driven to do the right thing (be in compliance with state regulations). This kind of experience opens doors for my clients – which is something that makes my eyes light up.

very little key

I'm committed to sharing what I've learned through client work, presentations, and my blog. With the right expertise at hand, you'll find that "a very little key will open a very heavy door." - Charles Dickens

I welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to partnering with you. Please take some time in looking at what is available on this website and feel free to contact me by email or via my contact form.

Thank you!

Sharyl J. Thompson

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Sharyl Thompson is the north star for those of us who are navigating the uncharted waters of state authorization. Her steadfast and unwavering commitment to help institutions gain authorization for their programs and her passion for people have been, and continue to be, a great source of encouragement.

We could not do without her!

- blake carpenter, manager partnerships, division of digital teaching and learning, the university of texas at arlington