Sharyl J. Thompson

ceo, higher education regulatory consulting llc

With over 14 years of experience in higher education regulatory affairs and compliance, Sharyl has expertise in a field that is ever-changing as well as complex.

That experience has brought opportunities for her to build excellent relationships with state regulators across the country and provide leadership in national initiatives regarding state authorization for institutions of higher education.

Sharyl's experience includes the detailed work of reading and interpreting state regulations, successfully submitting applications for state authorization in multiple states, researching professional licensure requirements by state, as well as executive leadership with a strategic view.

With all of the developments regarding state authorization in the past five years, Sharyl has had the opportunity to share her expertise through presentations at national conferences, webinars, serving on the WCET Steering Committee, as well as being a member of the original Drafting Team for the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

Read more about the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

In addition, Sharyl has experience with:

Program approvals
Policy creation and
Reviewing marketing materials for compliance.

Additional Specialties

Reading and interpreting regulations, building strong relationships with government agencies, knowledge of what it takes to be in compliance with state regulations, strategic insight for compliance.

Sharyl's Core Strengths*


Sharyl naturally embodies conscientiousness. She brings a near obsession for doing things right, impeccable ethics, and an utterly dependable reputation to her profession. Sharyl demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the best interests of her clients, putting genuine desire to make a difference, considerable expertise, determination and hard work into a client's project, as if it were her own.


Sharyl possesses a natural love for learning that has motivated her to develop high-level expertise, continuing to build upon it and staying up-to-date in a rapidly-evolving field. Sharyl excels in dynamic work environments where she is required to acquire new information and assess scenarios in a short period of time.


Responsibility, integrity, reliability and trustworthiness are all integral characteristics of Sharyl's approach. Sharyl's values infuse every aspect of her work, along with a clear and consistent set of priorities in service of her clients' needs. The quality of her services far exceed those of a "hired gun." Even as a consultant, Sharyl functions as an internal, committed partner, even when collaborating on a discretionary or short-term assignment. Sharyl not only seeks to make a difference, it's essential to her satisfaction in the results she achieves.


Sharyl's natural approach is to be careful and vigilant, serving as an invaluable partner to those who do not see potential risk. Her capacity to draw risk out into the open, identify, assess and ultimately reduce it—in order to open new doors of opportunity for her clients—is unique and invaluable.


Sharyl sees tremendous potential in others and seeks to share her love of learning and expertise with others. Through coaching, training and creating systems for her clients to implement and maintain internally, Sharyl's desire is to have a lasting impact in organizations and in the field of higher education. Growth in others is her fuel.

Results from the Gallup Organization's Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment