New LinkedIn Group – Higher Education Regulatory Network

I recently created a new group on LinkedIn as a resource for people who are involved with higher education regulatory affairs called Higher Education Regulatory Network.


The purpose of this group is to share information with each other about trends or news regarding state authorization, professional licensure, accreditation, or federal regulations – and also to provide a platform to pose questions or challenges and have other group members respond.

Often I hear people who do regulatory affairs work at higher education institutions express a desire to gain information from or pose questions to others who do the same kind of work. Here is a free resource for just those purposes.

Of course, the group will only be successful if we – all of us – participate in it.

So, if you’d like to be a part of this group and are willing to contribute your questions and/or expertise, please go to LinkedIn under Interests, under Groups and search for Higher Education Regulatory Network. Express your desire to join and I will help make that happen.

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