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Recognizing that each institution's situation is unique, HER Consulting LLC offers varied and customized consulting options. The arrangement that will appeal most to each client is typically determined by the scope of work that client needs as a whole.

getting started

While each situation is unique, the following steps describe a typical progression from initial contact with HER Consulting LLC to contracted work on a wider scale. We refer to these steps as the Discovery Phase (or Door #1.) This phase enables us to become familiar with your institution and do a thorough assessment of your needs so we can customize recommendations targeted to your specific multi-state activities.

  1. Our conversation begins when the client contacts Sharyl via email or phone.
  2. A visit to the client's institution is arranged so that Sharyl can meet with institutional leaders and staff.
  3. The client submits a Discovery Document for review.
  4. Consultant provides a report with customized recommendations for scope of work to be done in order to meet client's needs.
  5. Client decides whether or not to proceed with some, none or all of the recommendations.
  6. Consultant and client determine terms and finalize contract for work to be completed.
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fees and terms

The expertise shared with the client may be structured in any of the following ways:

contracted partnership

Paid for through monthly retainer, this type of arrangement—3 months or more in duration— gives Sharyl the capacity to offer the comprehensive support she is known for in the most economical way possible.

project-based relationship

Arranged such that the client pays by the deliverable, for example, upon completion of a one-time research project.

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