Recognizing that each institution's situation is unique, HER Consulting LLC offers varied and customized consulting options. The arrangement that will appeal most to each client is typically determined by the scope of work that client needs as a whole. This page provides an overview of the services we provide.

getting started

While each situation is unique, there are a number of steps that describe a typical progression from initial contact with HER Consulting LLC to contracted work on a wider scale. For more details, visit the Our Process page or contact Sharyl to discuss your specific situation.

HER Consulting Flyer

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Door 1

Initial discovery document to assess institutional needs
Provide written analysis and solution options
Recommend a visit to the institution (this can be a separate first step for a stipend and travel expenses)

Door Two

Provide a detailed spreadsheet (Red-Green Assessment) informing the institution which activities it can or cannot do in each state and the District of Columbia (DC)
Based on initial discovery document (and visit), provide recommendations for where to seek authorization with estimated costs and level of difficulty
Click here to see a sample of the Red-Green Assessment

door three

Develop and implement project plans for each state application
Submitting applications for exemptions where available
Prepare and submit applications for state authorization
Develop tracking mechanisms for all aspects of state authorization

Monthly retainer recommended, due to the fact that the amount of time and effort put forth is dependent on so many variables. It includes ongoing consultation and advice throughout the term of the contract.

customized research

The Red-Green Assessment is a great tool for institutions.

Sharyl creates this specifically for your institution. She researches the state authorization regulations and pictorially demonstrates which activities your institution can do without authorization and which activities require your institution to obtain authorization for each state and the District of Columbia. This Assessment can then be the basis for strategic planning, talking points for admissions staff, and deciding where to seek authorization. It also informs disclosures that need to be posted on the website and in the academic catalog.

Click here to see a sample of the Red-Green Assessment

red green sample

training and presentations

Sharyl has significant experience providing training and presentations. Read more about Sharyl's speaking engagements.